Hackathon with Cardano

As part of the Frontier Fintech Summit 2019, an all-day educational hackathon will be hosted onthe 9th of May, in collaboration with IOHK and the Cardano Foundation.

The hackathon will focus on the smart contract languages being developed by IOHK for the Cardano blockchain and will have two streams:

Plutus​: for developers with experience in functional programming who are interested in working with IOHK’s new general-purpose, Haskell-based smart contract language for the Cardano platform.

Marlowe​: A user-focused domain-specific language designed to enable non-technical users and financiers to easily write on-chain smart contracts.

The hackathon is open to all and anyone can register.

There will be a number of prize categories, from the most original idea to the best team players, as well as a grand prize – all to be distributed as ADA prizes.

Participants will need to bring their own laptop, and be available all day on May 9th. There are only 50​ hackathon places available – reserve yours now by registering online.


Intermediate or better English speaking and reading ability.

Plutus stream

Participants are encouraged to complete the following free online course prior to the event:


This stream is best suited to programmers and computer scientists with knowledge of functional programming.

Marlowe stream

Participants are encouraged to complete the following free online course prior to the event:


This stream is suited to programmers, financiers, business engineers and non technical users interested in developing on chain financial smart contracts using a browser-based contract editor and simulator.


#hub innovation center



9:00 Registration

Hackathon attendees should arrive at the center at 09.00 to register and meet the IOHK mentors and other attendees.

9:30 Recap

The hackathon will begin with a recap of both Plutus and Marlowe and the hackathon challenges will be outlined for individuals or teams to begin working on.

10:00 Challenge begins

Attendees can work individually or in teams to tackle the published challenges and come up with the best solutions using either Plutus or Marlowe. Mentors from the IOHK team will be available to support participants and help answer questions throughout the day.

13:30 Lunch

14:30 Challenge continues

19:00 Judging begins

Mentors from the IOHK team will assess each project individually.

20:00 Prize announcements

A number of prize categories will be announced by the IOHk team – all to be distributed as ADA prizes

Registration Form

Please sign up here