Greetings from Chairperson

Welcome to the Frontier Fintech Summit

Emerging markets worldwide have traditionally sought investment in commodity markets to build productive economies. More recently, frontier markets like Mongolia have been driving investment in the latest cutting-edge financial technology to empower their economies and engineer the future of financial services.

Fintech is not a phenomenon exclusive to banking centers such as New York, London, and Singapore. It now plays a significant role in financial services globally, services integrated with most major life decisions – from buying a home to opening a bank account, setting up a credit card, starting a business, paying for education, or planning for retirement – no matter where we are located. Fintech is about making banking and financial services faster, safer, more efficient and easier to utilize. It is the accelerator through which money is moved, spent, saved, and loaned, and is at once both global and local.

New opportunities to innovate and grow make frontier markets fertile ground for entrepreneurs and investors. With the right incentives and infrastructure, unleashing this potential will create the next models, products and services that change the world.

Regulators play an important role as agents of consumer empowerment, enabling good choices and encouraging new players and innovation to drive value in financial services. Since new business models do not always fit regulations from previous generations, working together to build new frameworks will provide stability and growth.

The Frontier Fintech Summit is taking place from May 9-11, 2019 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to provide a bridge that brings together top-tier Fintech talent, well-respected financial services institutions, investors, and regulators to discuss ideas that are driving innovation and shaping our future. It is an opportunity for open dialogue to discuss the state of the art, regulation, growth and policy, ethics and the role of Fintech innovation in the evolving economies of a digital world.

Join us in exploring the opportunities and potential of frontier markets together.